Ecoteq Energy ASA last trading day on NOTC February 29, 2024

Ecoteq Energy ASA last trading day on NOTC February 29, 2024
Announcements - 29 February, 2024

Oslo Børs has announced that February 29, 2024, will mark the final trading day for Ecoteq Energy ASA on the NOTC list.

“The decision to deregister from the NOTC list stems from Oslo Børs' recognition that Ecoteq has effectively transitioned into a new entity following the successful acquisition of Valkor Environmental LLC, accompanied by the establishment of a new board and leadership.” states Lars Erik Bengtsson, CEO of Ecoteq Energy ASA.

As an energy company with focus on cleantech and with assets in Utah, USA, Ecoteq's primary mission is to deliver locally sourced clean energy to the US market. 

"We are very optimistic about the road ahead. The registration of the land sublease in 2023 and the strategic partnership signed with Valkor LLC, a vertically integrated project development company in the fields of oil, gas and minerals, underscore our remarkable progress.”

”- Our primary focus moving forward is on enhancing shareholder value by transitioning our reserves into active production. Anticipated milestones include the first production unit yielding 500 barrels per day (bpd) by 2025, with plans to ramp up to 5,000 bpd by the close of 2026. The combined proven and probable (2P) reserves surpass 100 million barrels.” concludes Lars Erik Bengtsson.

Ecoteq Energy management will reach out to its partners and shareholders for further information.

For more information please contact CEO Lars Erik Bengtsson

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