About Ecoteq Energy

Ecoteq is a forward-thinking clean tech energy company with a steadfast commitment to advancing environmentally responsible, locally sourced energy solutions. Our mission at Ecoteq is to blend the economic advantages of conventional energy initiatives with the ecological merits, all in pursuit of extracting bitumen from surface tar sands in the state of Utah. In parallel, we engage in a rigorous soil remediation process aimed at restoring the land to its pristine natural state. Our holistic approach to energy extraction and environmental restoration ensures that we achieve a near-zero carbon footprint, eliminate waste production entirely, and operate with absolute water efficiency. At Ecoteq, we stand at the forefront of sustainable energy practices, striving to set new industry standards for a greener and more sustainable future.

The process has a near-zero carbon footprint, produces no waste, and consumes no water. We are also working towards a marine and heavy diesel product that targets a 50% reduction in total life cycle emissions. With a projected ROI exceeding 75%, Ecoteq plans to start with a 500 barrels per day (bbl/d) plant and expand to a 5,000 bbl/d, with reserves capable of growing beyond 20,000 bbl/d.

The unique closed-loop system, Clean Oil Sands Extraction Technology (COSET) enable efficient and sustainable oil extraction from oil sands. We prioritize employee safety, community engagement, and compliance with regulatory bodies, while fostering innovation and collaboration within the company. Ecoteq aims to establish itself as a leader in environmentally friendly oil sands extraction, providing high-quality products with reduced carbon intensity and eliminating waste.

Ecoteq complies with the Norwegian Public Limited Liability Companies Act (ASAL) and sorts under the Norwegian tax regime.

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